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5 Ways To Decrease Mom Stress

Being a mom is hard! It is exhausting. It is overwhelming. Some days you can’t wait for them to go to bed so you have a minute to yourself. Of course, once they go to bed and you do get that break you find yourself looking at photos on your phone and can’t wait for them to wake again so you can kiss and snuggle them.

Motherhood sure does come with a crazy amount of [conflicting] emotions. You can get so lost in your head with so many things to do. Worrying about your child’s every need now and 10 years from now. The thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming and that is why you must take time out of your day and week to be sure you are also being taken care of.   

This is not always easy to do. Some days, it is actually not possible. So I have come up with five ways that I can always get extra me - time in that basically takes no extra effort or time away from my family. These five tips will help you reduce the mom overwhelm, even if just for a moment or evening. But hey, we are moms, we will take anything we can get to regain some sanity, right!?

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