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Your ULTIMATE Guide for Non-Toxic Cleaning

There are a lot of products on the market these days claiming to be greener and safer to use around you home. But the truth of the matter, there is also a lot of Greenwashing going on, this is when companies are stating that they are selling environmentally and public friendly products, when infact they are still selling, well, total crap. As you are on your search to find better products for you home and family, you probably are also looking to stay within a budget since you have little humans to cloth, feed and educate!

If you are looking for getting the most bang for your buck, the best option are to make DIY home cleaners. I know this is not possible for everyone to do, and maybe you are able to make some of the products at home, but not everything. So if that is you, please be sure to read on to get some more reviews and prices on cleaners.

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Honest Review of Beautycounter: Nourishing Line

If you are reading this you are probably looking to do an overhaul on your skin and body care products. You know that there are tons of chemicals in many of our everyday beauty products and you want to start to eliminate your exposure to these unnecessary toxins.

Over the past few years I have been trying to switch over to healthier, non toxic products in our home. This goes from our cleaning supplies to my makeup. I found I was a bit more on top of this when I first had my babies. Wanting everything to be as non-toxic as possible and spending more than we could really afford on household cleaning products that were green, but safer. And during my pregnancy switching to other brands of makeup and skincare that I thought were much safer alternatives.

As time went on and bank accounts got smaller I found myself going back to purchasing things which were not as safe or healthy. As I started to get back into a healthier routine I realized how important it was to find products which are safer to use but without the hefty price tag.

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Reclaiming Health After Baby

Like you also probably did, I indulged just a little too much during the holidays.

Possibly like you, I still am holding on to a bit more baby weight than I thought I would be at 19 months postpartum!

I am embarrassed to say this, considering I have been trained and certified in holistic nutrition. I know all of the the things to do to improve ones health and to get the weight off. But here I am still struggling.

But this is the year I share my stories and struggles not pretend I have it all together. Because I for sure as hell don’t.

I became really committed to getting on track with my health in the fall but as life would have it I hurt my back (working out at a more extensive pace than I was  plus carrying twin toddlers I assume was the cause) then we had those wild fires in NorCal. Which honestly scared the shit out of me and put a lot of things on a hold, because I just wanted to focus on being as present as I could with the family.

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7 Health Tips: for Mom Life

We basically all know what to do to stay healthy. Eat wholesome, real foods, exercise a few times a week, get 8 hours of sleep and hydrate to name a few. But in real world mom life this is not always easy to accomplish.

We want to do these things, but sometimes shit happens. And I don’t know about you, but for me, my health was being put last on my list of priorities, even though I know how much it should be #1.

Below are the TOP 7 ways to improve your health and energy with a moms spin on how to actually get these things accomplished during your busiest of days.

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