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Must Read Book List for Your Twin Pregnancy

If you just found out you are having twins you are probably excited and freaking out all at the same time. I know I was going through various emotions, by the minute when I was pregnant with my two boys!

There is a lot of information that is now google-able about twin pregnancy but I don’t know about you, I love to have a real book to read. Also, if you are anything like I was, being on the computer or the phone actually made me a lot more nauestated than just sitting with a book!

Below are my book recommendation for twin pregnancy. I read a lot of different books and articles, but I found these to be the most helpful when I was pregnant. Hope this list helps you calm the “expecting twins anxiety” that we all feel. My reviews are short and sweet so you can take a quick glance and then head over to Amazon to learn more about each recommendation!

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